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TNEX Series

Deep Cycle High Power Battery

Get your power for any slope!

The TNEX series will be your best partner to overcome rough transpotation, such as high slope, steep load, etc. This series of deep cycle rechargeable battery apply high-density connection to release maximum discharging ability.

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Powerful Power Rate
Powerful Power Rate
Powerful Energy
Powerful Energy
Super Power
Super Power

Powerful Power Rate

  • ↑10% W/2hr Ultra high power process

  • New Pulse Technology

New Process formulation coating active material and pulse forming technology has greatly enhanced the power of our TNEX lead-acid accumulator cell series. 

Powerful Energy

  • >40Wh/kg Energy Density

  • Special lead paste formula

  • Advanced Cell Technology

Improve the stability of active material and energy density to ensure the capacity stability of the lead-acid accumulator cell after charging.

Super Power

  • ↑40% power output area

  • High-density polar group scheme

  • High density polar group technique

The technology of continuous casting, continuous rolling, continuous punching, continuous coating and high density electrode group is used to reduce the internal resistance and improve the conductivity of the battery

Product Parameters

Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range

Service Life


TNEX12VC2015~125100%DOD 400~500

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