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Hydrogen and Sodium Ions

Tianneng has been developing hydrogen energy and sodium ion battery technology.
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Hydrogen energy product planning


Tianneng Group focuses on public buses, logistics vehicles, medium-weight trucks, forklifts, construction machinery vehicles, expanding energy, boats and other application fields, taking into account the application field of methanol hydrogen production.

According to the market development and business process, Tianneng works with industry partners to plan hydrogen fuel cell stacks, systems, and spare parts products, gradually forming a full range of product core material supply capacity.

Core Technology

Through scientific and technological innovation, it has dozens of patented technologies of hydrogen energy, and the whole core technology of Tianneng fuel cell has reached the level of international main flow.
Simulation design
Build the decoupling model of fluid body, electrochemistry, structure and mass transfer simulation
Graphite plate
Advance air-cooled die pressing ink bipolar plate design plus technology
Metal plate
The design and precision processing technology of the advanced thin gold bipolar plate
Membrane electrode
The point structure is beneficial to the gradient pore structure of gas-liquid-solid three-phase mass transfer.
High activity platinum-cobalt supercrystalline synthesis agent was prepared by liquid-phase substitution method

Exploration of sodium ion battery technology

The unique advantage of sodium ion battery has a great development prospect in the future. Tianneng is committed to the research on sodium ion battery and is at the forefront of science.
Low cost

Rich in sodium resources.

Sodium resources are more evenly distributed.

Cathode materials can avoid precious metals.

Aluminum foil can be used as negative collector material

High security

The internal resistance of sodium ion battery is high, the current in the circuit is lower and the instantaneous heat is less when the battery is short-circuited.

Sodium ion battery has higher stability than lithium battery.

There is no over-discharge of sodium ion battery, and the positive electrode can be discharged to 0V without affecting the subsequent use.

Sodium battery is easy to be passivated and deactivated when the heat is out of control, so the safety test performance is better.

Good performance at low temperature & good magnification performance

In the case of the same concentration electrolyte, the ionic conductivity is higher and the fast charging performance is better than that of lithium electrolyte.

The normal working temperature range of sodium ion battery is from-40℃ to 80℃, and the capacity retention rate of some products can reach 88% at-20℃, which is significantly better than that of lithium iron phosphate about 60-70%.

Market Development Plan
of Tianneng Sodium Ion Battery

To accelerate the industrialization of sodium-ion batteries around the market demand of the two-wheel vehicle, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and seize the business track of new products

The First Stage

Keep the basic business of lead-acid battery and lithium-ion battery

Development of two-wheeled / low-speed electric vehicles with sodium ion batteries

Coexistence of lead-acid battery and sodium battery


The Second Stage

Sodium power battery business scope expansion

Production of low speed four-wheeler batteries

Production of engineering vehicle batteries


The Third Stage

Sodium-ion battery energy storage business

Develop household energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage and large-scale power station energy storage business