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Concept of Sustainable Development

Continue to Creat Value and Creat a Better Life

Green Smart Manufacturing

Tianneng Group takes green intelligent manufacturing as its core route, actively promotes digital transformation, which relies on scientific and technological innovation, and strives to promote machine replacement. With the help of the Internet, big data, and cloud computing, Tianneng has created a flexible intelligent manufacturing platform and a big data cloud-driven platform, building a green intelligent manufacturing industry chain that has helped the transformation and upgrading of the battery industry and the green development of the industry.

Energy Saving and Emissions Reduction

Tianneng follows industrial and industry development regulations, innovates the EHS management system, insists on energy savings and emission reduction, and solidly promotes pollution prevention and control. And strictly implements pollutant emission limit standards during the production process and builds a comprehensive pollutant prevention and control system so as to guarantee long-term and stable operation of governance implementation and achieve standard emission of waste water, exhaust gas, and pollutants.

Circular Economy

Tianneng has established a standard working model for recycling and treatment of waste batteries and a standard system for recycling and utilization of waste lead batteries in a circular economy and has built a closed-loop green industry chain that integrates production, recycling, smelting, and reproduction, achieving a metal recycling rate of 99% for waste batteries, a plastic recycling rate of 99%, and a residual acid recycling rate of 100%.

Green Growth

Optimizing the upstream and downstream value chains of the new energy industry, creating a green industrial ecosystem together, and realizing the harmonious development of the enterprise itself, the enterprise and the industry, and the enterprise and the environment, Tennant actively integrates new energy, new materials, equipment manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, science and technology information services, and other projects and makes every effort to build a green industrial park.

The Commitment of Leveraging the
Power of Tianneng to Promote Green Development

The commitment to sustainable development is the core tenet of Tianneng Group's development. Since the establishment of the company, Tianneng has been committed to promoting the harmony between people and nature with a higher quality level of development and meeting the needs of people for a better life with cleaner and more efficient products. We focus on developing in a way that benefits people, the environment, and society in a sustainable manner.
Supply Chain Management

Tianneng Group hand in hand work with global high-quality suppliers to jointly optimize supply chain management of the supply chain ecosystem. Strategic alliances in the supply chain were established to enhance the competitiveness of the whole value chain system. Besides, "Tianchangzhiyun", a supply chain platform was built by Tianneng Group. It can realize the visual management of supply chain logistics, and in the future, it will also build a supply chain service platform integrating online transactions, fund settlement, logistics service, financial service, and consulting service to improve efficiency and ensure the transparency of the supply chain system at the same time.

Labor & Human Rights

Tianneng Group Strictly abides the global law and regulations such as "the Labor Law" in the recruitment and employment of global staff. The company actively strives to create a diversified and impartial working environment for employees and establishes management systems such as "Regulations on Human Resource Management" and "Control of Tianneng Group and Recruitment Management Measures of Tianneng " to clarify the rights of employees and ensure that all employees are not discriminated against on the basis of religion, gender, disability, etc. Tianneng Group strictly abides by laws and regulations such as the "Work Safety Law" and "The Law on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases," and insists on a human-oriented strategy during development. Established and improved the occupation health and safety management system to safeguard the health and safety of each employee.

Intellectual Property Protection

Tianneng Group takes r&d development as the priority. Established an innovation team composed of international top experts from the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc., The research industry involves new energy batteries, new energy materials, intelligent manufacturing, and green cycle, etc. Tianneng also sets up the department of Project and Intellectual Property to deal with the application of the related project and

Safeguard the Green Homeland

Tianneng Group has comprehensively explored a new model of green growth. Starting from green battery products, green workshops, green factories, green parks, green standards, green supply chains, etc., with the help of big data and IoT technology. It puts "green intelligent manufacturing" into the whole process of production and operation, leading the industry to develop in a green, high-end, and intelligent direction.