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Lead Acid Battery

80+GWh Production Capacity, China Ranks First.
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Motive Battery

We provides green motive battery solutions for mobilities and all kinds of deep-cycle battery applications, involved with commuting,sightseeing, distribution,sanitation, etc. Our motive battery driving force is strong, long range endurance, products have a number of national patent protection technology, widely used in the global market, is a reliable choice for short-haul travel.

Traction Battery

Tianneng provides a wide range of power battery solutions for electric forklift and stacker, our products comply with DIN and BS standards, our products have a very good user experience, high stability, easy operation, low noise, no pollution, a large number of applications in warehousing,logistics, handling and other places, and have extensive cooperation with various car manufacturers.

Reserve/Energy Storage

Tianneng provides solutions for energy storage, reserve and other industrial scenarios, with excellent product cycle performance, stability and reliability, to provide customers with solid green energy guarantee.

SLI Battery

Tianneng provides starter battery solutions for passenger cars. The battery manufacturing strictly follows multiple standards such as JIS, DIN and SCI, and combines EFB and AGM technologies for excellent capacity performance, energy saving and consumption reduction, making the environment greener and life healthier.