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Global Leading Green Energy Solution Provider.
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Electric Vehicle Solution
Tianneng provides reliable power battery solutions for all kinds of electric vehicles. Our battery products have strong driving force, long range, high quality and are sold all over the world.
Energy Storage Solution
Tianneng has a full range of energy storage solutions to provide solid green energy protection and effective backup power for global industrial, commercial and household electricity.
SLI Solution
Tianneng Battery provides both Starting, Lighting and Ignition (SLI) batteries and Start-stop batteries (EFB and AGM technology) comply with various international standards, including DIN, JIS, SCI, EN, GB, etc.
Reserve Battery Solution
Tianneng provides professional solutions for communication electronic equipment, backup power supply and power tools with a full range of products to provide safe and reliable green energy protection for a variety of industrial scenarios.
Traction Battery Solution
Tianneng traction battery provides powerful traction batteries for material handling equipment, like forklifts, riders, stacks, GSV, AGV, etc, to deliver every piece of your material quickly and safely in place. Compliant with DIN and BS standards, our traction batteries for sale are strong enough to start your handling vehicle and drive heavy-duty materials with stability. Tianneng Group can provide you with different types of traction batteries for different vehicles.
Battery Recycle Solution
Tianneng Battery adheres to the concept of green and low-carbon recycling development to help industrial recycling economy. We have established lithium battery recycling base and lead-acid battery recycling base, which reduce a lot of carbon emissions every year.
Green Energy Drives the World
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