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Website Privacy Agreement

Please read above terms carefully before you access this website. Your accessing this website indicates that you have accepted all the terms.


All rights (including but not limited to intellectual property rights and trade secrets) of products, technologies, data, programs, layout designs, patterns, craftsmanship, audio, video and other information on this website belong to Tianneng. This right is protected by the Civil Code of the people's Republic of China, China's copyright Law, China's Anti-unfair Competition Law and other laws, regulations, normative legal documents and relevant international treaties.

Any violation of the above rights may result in civil, administrative or criminal liability. The rights of the third party involved in this website still belong to the third party. Any unauthorized use of the above information is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Tianneng, otherwise they will be held legally responsible.

If you have any request, please obtain the written permission of Tianneng. When you need to use the software or driver provided by our website to visit our website, you must follow the provisions of the accompanying license agreement. Please abide by the applicable law when visiting our website.


We are committed to protecting the privacy, personal information and personal data you provide when using our website (collectively referred to as "personal data"). Enables us to meet the highest standards of consumer protection (laws and regulations relating to the privacy of personal data) in the collection, use, storage and transmission of personal data.

To ensure that you have full confidence in our handling of personal data, you need to read and understand the provisions of the Privacy Policy in detail. In particular, once you use our website, it will be regarded as acceptance, consent, commitment and confirmation:

You voluntarily agree to disclose your personal information to us.

You will abide by all the terms and restrictions of this Privacy Policy.

If you register and leave a message on our website, we will collect information.

You agree to make any changes to our privacy policy in the future.

You agree that our branches, subsidiaries and employees will contact you about products and services that may be of interest to you (unless you have indicated that you do not want to receive such emails and calls).

3、Types of personal data collected

With your consent, we will collect and manage personal data.

In order to provide you with our services, you need to provide such personal data and unnamed information as we consider necessary to meet your instructions and further improve our services, including, but not limited to:

A. Personal data: your name, sex, age, date of birth, telephone number, fax number, residential or mailing address, email address.

B.The purposes and uses of collecting personal data and unnamed data are as follows:

Provide you with all our services through our website.

When you use our website, you can identify and confirm your identity.

Let you get the feeling designed for you when you use our website.

Our customer service staff can contact you if necessary.

Statistics on the usage of our website to make it more convenient for you to use our website.

Conduct market research to improve our products, services and website content.

Collect information for our activities, marketing and promotion programs.

Comply with legal, government and regulatory requirements, including but not limited to disclosure and notification of personal data.

Let us and our subsidiaries, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, employees, agents, service partners or other third parties who may be outside your country to promote our products and / or services.

Analyze, check or review your credit, payment and / or status for the services we provide.

Handle any payment instructions, direct debits or credit arrangements at your request.

Enable you to operate your account or enable us to withdraw outstanding service charges from the account


When you visit our website, we use Google Stats through cookies to record our performance and check the effectiveness of online advertising. Cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookie can be sent to your computer's hard drive only when you use your computer to access our website. Cookies is often used to record the habits and preferences of visitors when browsing various items on our website. The data collected by Cookies are anonymous collective statistics and do not contain personal data. Cookies cannot be used to obtain data on your hard drive, your email address, and your privacy.

When you re-visit our website, you can save the step of registering again. Most browsers are preset to accept Cookies. You can choose to set your browser not to accept Cookies, or notify you as soon as Cookies is installed. However, if you set it to disable Cookies, you may not be able to start or use some of the features of our website. If you do not prohibit or remove cookies, every time you use the same computer to access our website, our web server will inform us that you have visited our website, and then we will identify you and receive your registration data and payment data, and collect information about usage, market research, progress and participation in promotional activities.

You can change the settings on the browser on the computer you use to access our website to decide whether to accept cookie or not. You can change the settings on your browser if you like.

If you put your preferences on the browser, you can accept all cookies, receive notifications from cookies, and even reject all cookies. However, if you choose not to cookies or reject all cookies in your browser, you may not be able to use or launch some of the features of our website, or you may need to log in to your information again.

A、Preservation of personal data and anonymous data.

The personal data and unnamed data you provide to us will only be retained until the purpose of collection has been achieved, except in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

B、Ownership and disclosure of personal data.

All information collected on our website is owned by us and will not be leased or sold to any unrelated third party.


Once you have provided us with your personal data, you may receive phone calls, emails and direct sales newsletters sent to you by us or our branch office. If you do not want to receive our direct sales and promotional materials, please contact us, we will respect your request and will no longer use your personal data in direct marketing activities.

D、Protection of personal data.

We implement appropriate physical, electronic, management and technical measures to protect and protect the security of your personal data. We try our best to ensure that any personal data collected through our website is free from any nuisance from third parties that have nothing to do with us.

5、Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.