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Expand the influence of Tianneng brand by opening up the Indian market

Number Of Visitors : Release Time : Dec 12,2022

  On December 9,2022,Tianneng Power's series of products were unveiled at the 2022 India Ev Expo,bringing power solutions for lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries to the Indian market.


  The power products and solutions unveiled this time include lead-acid batteries suitable for two-wheelers,three-wheelers,and four-wheelers,lithium battery packs,and ternary and iron-lithium battery cells.Tianneng debuted golf cart batteries in the Indian market,and received enthusiastic attention from customers on the spot,reflecting Tianneng's product performance and determination to continue investing in the market.Tianneng indicates that it will launch more new products in India in the future and provide complete solutions to explore more possibilities in the Indian market.


  In addition,Tianneng’s local technical team also shared and communicated with customers on the technology of lithium battery PACK.Tianneng shared and communicated its own accumulated experience with on-site customers,and discussed how the improvement of Pack technology can promote the improvement of product performance.

  The Indian market has always held an important strategic position in Tianneng's global layout.As the world's leading power battery solution provider,Tianneng has cooperated with various well-known electric vehicle manufacturers in India to help the local new energy power market grow up.In recent years,in addition to the continuous upgrading of products and solutions,Tianneng has also continuously invested in the construction of sales channels in the Indian market,equipped with local operation teams,and continuously improved localized operation and service capabilities.At this exhibition,Tianneng also publicized and implemented the after-sales and technical support upgrade plan for the Indian market in the future,aiming to improve the service capability of Tianneng’s brand in the Indian market and customer satisfaction.Tianneng has always adhered to the business philosophy of"providing high-quality services to customers"in India,and its perfect service consulting system has left a good impression on"win-win businessmen"and partners in India.

  Relying on the solution capabilities accumulated in the new energy power for many years,Tianneng will further expand its investment in the field of new energy in India and even the world and help bring about changes in the development of the global new energy power field.