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Lead-acid Battery Technology

Leading edge design and technology
Longer service life, safer and more durable
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Material Upgrade

Green rare earth alloy, graphene, carbon fiber

Reduce grid corrosion and creep, enhance conduction and heat transfer, and increase discharge power

Longer life, wider operating temperature, more powerful power


Simulation Design

3D model simulation, simulation of current and potential distribution, optimization of grid design better plate, longer battery life

Ecological Design

3D model simulation (Comsol software)

Large data simulation by finite element analysis


Lead Carbon Technology

Negative carbon technology, net 4BS positive active substance structure, patent AGM + hydrophobic modified polyolefin polymer fiber separator

Inhibit the irreversible sulfation of the negative electrode, reduce the softening of the active substance, and maintain the internal lasting assembly pressure

Excellent PSoC performance, long cycle life, wider operating temperature, greater charging acceptance


Leading Edge Design and Technology

Empty and paste, high temperature curing, full immersion glue directly connected structure and double double patent third electrode design

More reliable battery structure, better battery performance

Upgrade continuous casting and rolling technology to make battery plate more durable and improve battery life

Optimize the plate grid manufacturing process to solve the problem of water loss and swelling of batteries at high temperature

Automatic palletizing machine, automatic injection molding machine, automatic casting and welding production equipment