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Tianneng participated in the 134th Canton Fair

Number Of Visitors : Release Time : Feb 28,2024

  The Canton Fair is one of the world's largest comprehensive trade exhibitions, providing a valuable opportunity for companies from all over the world to jointly explore the international market. This event provides Tianneng with a platform to promote international cooperation. The media visited Tianneng’s booth this time, allowing Tianneng brand to be better displayed to the world and strengthen global business connections.

  During the Canton Fair, we displayed the latest technologies and products. What we brought this time were all hot-selling overseas products, including power batteries, car batteries, lithium batteries, energy storage equipment, etc., showing our application potential in various industries. The strong innovation capabilities and high-quality solutions have aroused strong interest from customers, and many industry partners came to the scene for consultation.

  The Canton Fair provides a unique opportunity for Tianneng, which not only expands brand exposure, but also establishes connections with potential customers from different countries and regions around the world, broadening the international market. The Canton Fair allows more people to learn about Tianneng's products and solutions, attracting partners who are interested in technology and innovation, and helps consolidate Tianneng's leading position in the industry. At the same time, Tianneng will take the opportunity of the Canton Fair to continuously seek cooperation with elites in the field of green energy and always strive for the sustainable development of global energy.