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Tianneng was invited to participate in the first China International Supply Chain Expo

Number Of Visitors : Release Time : Feb 28,2024

  "Link the world and create the future together." On November 28, the first China International Supply Chain Expo grandly opened at the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Venue). Tianneng appeared in the clean energy chain exhibition area (W3-J01), bringing power batteries, energy storage systems, resource recycling solutions, etc. to demonstrate new technologies, new products, and new services in the key links of the upstream, midstream, and downstream industry chains to global upstream and downstream industry chain partners. Together with leading companies in the global supply chain system, we create new opportunities for global energy development and are committed to "making the earth a better place."


  As an important product and solution provider in the clean energy chain, Tianneng has been conducting in-depth research on green technologies for new energy batteries and materials since its establishment in 1986, and is committed to promoting technological progress in the battery industry. In addition to battery research and development, resource recycling has increasingly become an important part of Tianneng's entire industrial chain. Taking advantage of the opportunity of this chain expo, Tianneng will bring its resource recycling ecosystem to the entire industry, allowing many upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain to understand the scale and systematic solutions of the battery recycling market. At the same time, the recycling of batteries also demonstrates Tianneng's efforts to support the "double carbon" goal, improve the quality of the ecological environment, and achieve green and low-carbon development.


Faced with increasing uncertainty and risks in global energy security, countries are deepening cooperation in the global clean energy industry chain and building a global partnership for clean energy transformation. Tianneng will also continue to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, continue to increase investment in research and development, promote the construction of a community of green energy enterprises, continuously improve the mechanism of chain extension, chain strengthening, and chain replenishment, coordinate various resources in the chain, and open up the link from raw materials to the entire industrial chain of green battery applications will deepen the "win-win chain" and jointly promote the achievement of the global strategic goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality".