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Tianneng successfully participated in 2023WBE World Battery Industry Expo

Number Of Visitors : Release Time : Aug 14,2023

  From August 8 to 10,2023,WBE World Battery Industry Expo(Asia-Pacific Battery Exhibition)was successfully held in Guangzhou.Tianneng's leading technologies and practical achievements related to power batteries and energy storage systems were unveiled at the exhibition,fully demonstrating its advantages and rich experience in promoting clean,efficient and safe new energy products and promote the green and high-quality development of China's new energy industry.

  In the field of power battery,Tianneng adheres to the two-pronged approach of technological innovation and smart manufacturing and upgrading,leading the evolution of sodium,lithium and lead technologies for low-speed electric fields such as electric bicycles,motorcycles and tricycles,as well as ships,construction machinery,terminal logistics and other fields to provide green,intelligent and safe power system solutions to change the travel,production and life style of users around the world.

  Lead-acid power battery:the three major brands of Tianneng battery,Huiyuan battery and Tianju battery participated in the exhibition together again,with their respective core products unveiled on the spot,fully explaining the leading strength of Tianneng in leading the global key technology and product weather vane in the lead industry.Among them,the World Manufacturing Congress Gold Award product True Black Gold,as a model of high-tech performance batteries in the industry,has become the focus of the audience and has been praised by Chinese and foreign exhibitors.

  Lithium-ion power battery:Tianneng exhibited advanced battery technology and products such as conventional M series,Black Bull series and Heng technology series,covering daily commuting,real-time distribution,urban driving and other fields.with high safety,long life,strong battery life,intelligent management,worry-free after-sale five advantages to lead the industry.

  Sodium ion power battery:in terms of sodium electricity,Tianneng exhibited square cells,soft package cells and cylindrical cells,showing solid cell research and development capabilities,flexible product adaptation capabilities and strong industrial application potential.

  Tianneng energy storage products mainly focus on energy storage Cell(Pack)and other product supply,project design,EPC package delivery services,new energy power generation,power grid transmission and distribution and other project construction as the development direction,for the power supply side,grid side,user side energy storage applications,provide lead-carbon,lithium,sodium and hydrogen energy and other technical routes of system solutions,help"new energy+energy storage"in the life cycle of electricity cost more advantages.At this year's WBE,Tianneng Energy Storage showed many types of cells and modules to customers around the world,including air-cooled cartridges,liquid-cooled sockets,household storage products and energy storage systems(models).With its strong ability of technological innovation,product development and system integration,Tianneng Energy Storage has won the award of"Top Ten Energy Storage Enterprises"awarded by the organizers.

  WBE is committed to promoting the global market trade of battery and industry chain,known as"Canton Fair of battery industry",and its influence has reached more than 80 countries and regions around the world.There are more than 1000 exhibitors and more than 100000 visitors,which is an important platform for new energy enterprises to accelerate"going out to sea"and promote market globalization and brand globalization.

  This time,Tianneng has brought a set of customized products focusing on the international market,including lead-carbon energy storage batteries,wall-mounted home storage,stacked home storage,plug boxes,batteries,electric scooter batteries and electric motorcycle well as starting and stopping batteries for cars and motorcycles.On the first day of the exhibition,Tianneng Pavilion welcomed many visits,consultations and negotiations from customers from different countries,and there was an endless stream of new and old customers,which laid an important foundation for Tianneng's further brand output,market layout and channel expansion in the international broadens Tianneng's way of"going to sea",allows more high-quality products to benefit global users,and shows the innovative strength of China's new energy"smart"to the world.