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Tianneng International is active in Indonesia by building strategic cooperation in all directions.

Number Of Visitors : Release Time : Mar 21,2023

  The new energy industry is a major focus of Indonesia's economic development in recent years.The development of the new energy industry in Indonesia can not only promote economic transformation and upgrading,improve overall international competitiveness,but also reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels,reduce carbon emissions and stimulate the energy industry transformation.Affected by Indonesia's"oil to electricity"and other industrial policies,Indonesia's new energy market has been greatly expanded.In this context,Tianneng International aimed at the Indonesian market and brought Tianneng's new energy solutions to the hinterland of the Indonesian market.


  Recently,the President of Tianneng International led the Indonesian local team to go deep into the local market and visited many industry partners and relevant management departments in the field of new energy in Indonesia.Tianneng International and all parties conducted in-depth communication and negotiations on the local new energy development cooperation methods and paths in Indonesia.It is an important step to promote Tianneng to build an ecosystem in Indonesia.

  As the world's leading provider of new energy solutions,Tianneng's product solutions cover power,energy storage and battery recycling.During this trip to Indonesia,the project negotiations covered elite leading enterprises in the telecommunications industry,electric two-wheeler industry,and auto parts industry.Starting from product solutions,Tianneng introduced the communication base station solution,Tianneng power battery product supporting service solution,lithium battery PACK technology solution,etc.In addition,strategic consultations were carried out on the localized production,sales and recycling of batteries to promote the unified layout of Tianneng's entire industrial chain overseas.


  Indonesia is one of the fast-growing international markets for new energy.Under the introduction of local partners,Tianneng has a more specific understanding of the size of the Indonesian new energy market,the demand for new energy products,and the after-sales market for battery replacement.Tianneng also has a better understanding of the major point of local policies and new energy market.


  Since the beginning of 2023,Tianneng International has greatly accelerated its global industrial layout and steadily promoted localized operations.Tianneng International is working hard to build a deeper international operation model.On the basis of steadily providing solutions,create value with partners and build a localized ecology.