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Tianneng International keeps going deep into the European market.

Number Of Visitors : Release Time : Mar 18,2023

  In the past two years,affected by the European energy crisis and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine,European energy prices have soared,and the demand for cleaner,more stable and more efficient battery system solutions in the European market has become more prominent.In this context,Tianneng International series battery solutions have attracted much attention in the European market.


  Recently,Tianneng International Dutch Representative Office joined hands with strategic cooperation customers to meet with the Chairman of the Environment,Territory and Public Works Committee of the Italian House of Representatives,the President of the Italian National Logistics Association,and representatives of other governments and related industrial chains.Together with all parties,Tianneng conducted in-depth communication on the new energy industry planning of the European Union and Italy,and reached a preliminary agreement on the subsequent establishment of Tianneng's new energy battery project with Italy.


  The partners look forward to working with Tianneng to complete Europe's energy transformation and upgrade,and to integrate the power of"Made in China"to jointly promote the completion of the Italian government's goal"Let us give Italy a brand-new renewable energy system to achieve decarbonization and energy independence by 2030".