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The first brand store landed in Vietnam, and Tianneng International business grew steadily.

Number Of Visitors : Release Time : Mar 27,2023

  Recently,the first brand store of Tianneng Global landed in Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam,officially initiating the strategy of Tianneng brand for the end-user in Vietnam.Terminal brand stores serve as an important channel to deepen the connection between end-users and brands,which helps to increase the exposure and attention of products and brands.


  Tianneng Global Asia-Pacific director and Vietnam country manager attended the opening ceremony,and on behalf of Tianneng Global,they sent blessings to the partners,and also cheered for the partners,helping them to quickly improve their ability to undertake products,official docking,and service transition.As the largest city in Vietnam,Ho Chi Minh City is the area with the most active demand for new energy batteries.Tianneng's first store is located in Ho Chi Minh City,which reflects the brand's confidence in seizing opportunities and gaining a foothold in the local market.


  Tianneng Vietnam store not only provides Tianneng ace power battery series products,but also includes lead-acid and lithium-ion power products.It also provides comprehensive after-sales service,including battery testing,replacement and repair services,to ensure that customers can feel more at ease when using it.The opening of offline stores has optimized the actual experience of customers,and the sales network has shifted from online to offline,opening up offline sales channels and bringing more convenient purchase and service to the terminal market,thus enhancing Tianneng Battery's Full life cycle services.

  Tianneng Global will be based in Ho Chi Minh City,spread its stores throughout Vietnam,and deepen its brand and services into the market.At the same time,it will also accelerate the speed of global deployment and cover Tianneng brand stores all over the world.Stay tuned for the next site of Tianneng Global!