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TGA Tianneng Global Alliance Forum Was Successfully Held and Ended Perfectly!


On October 21, 2022, the first TGA (Tianneng Global Alliance) "Focusing on Cooperation, Going Overseas" Forum and TGA Tianneng Global Alliance Inauguration Ceremony was successfully held at JW Marriott Hotel Qianhai, Shenzhen, and it ended perfectly! Dozens of enterprise representatives from the field of new energy gathered together to jointly seek to develop a new path of "going out" cooperation in the field of energy.


Mr. Yang, Vice President of Tianneng Group, made an opening speech


Alliance Forum Activity Site


Photo gallery of on-site participating units and guests

TGA Tianneng Global Alliance is initiated by Tianneng Group, and all parties in the integrated industry chain are jointly established with all alliance enterprises on the basis of the tenet of "openness, equality, and win-win", providing each alliance unit with a resource sharing, mutual exchange and win-win platform. At this meeting, Yang Jun, vice president of Tianneng Group, not only introduced the positioning of the alliance organization to the guests, but also expressed Tianneng Group's original intention and determination to build a global ecological alliance, hoping to gather the strength of each member unit, to enhance the influence and voice of Chinese enterprises in the global new energy field.


TGA Tianneng Global Alliance Inauguration Ceremony


A collection of speeches from members of the alliance and guests

Enterprise globalization is not only marketing globalization, but also a comprehensive consideration of enterprises. This conference brought together representatives of enterprises and experts from the legal side, capital side, product side, production technology side, academic side, and management and operation side. They shared and exchanged their experience in the new energy field and industry trends. Mr. Guo Xiaoming, senior partner of Commerce & Finance, pointed out that under the current complex and changeable international situation, companies must always pay close attention to the basic requirement of compliance and legality when going overseas, and provided guidelines and case explanations for corporate compliance when going overseas; Wu Xumin, general manager of Mizuho Bank, analyzed the capital risks and plans in the operation of various projects of new energy companies, and shared the financing plans of new energy companies for overseas industrial layout; various product research and development units and equipment manufacturing units, such as Chipu, Meganeng, Zhuhai Kechuang and Jixiuyuan exchanged views on the current new energy solutions and the current opportunities and challenges in the industry.


Salon session at the Alliance Forum

The current international situation is complex and changeable, with multilateral geopolitics, the economic environment in the post-epidemic era, the issue of different public opinions in society, and the transformation and transformation of new energy technologies. Having an international vision and layout has become a required course for every company going overseas. "Focus on cooperation, go to sea with a group" conveys confidence to each enterprise, and achieves complementary advantages through cohesion of strength. On the journey of Chinese new energy companies going overseas, the TGA Tianneng Global Alliance has sounded the "Assembly" to go overseas as a group to achieve win-win cooperation.

In the follow-up, TGA will organize exchange activities on different topics for the alliance units from time to time. At the same time, more new energy units are welcome to join us to jointly develop the global market and create a better future.

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