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Tianneng was invited to participate in Future Mobility Asia 2022 Exhibition,Display high-performance batteries and look forward to the future of new energy


        Future Mobility Asia was grandly opened at BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand on July 20, 2022, which attracted worldwide attention, with exhibitors from 124 countries and regions exhibiting a large number of new products and new technologies. Tianneng brought a full range of battery products to the exhibition, whose booth number was ME23.


        The 2022 Future Energy Asia in Bangkok, Thailand was held by DMG Events, whose holding cycle is once a year. Its exhibition area reached 10,000 square meters, the number of exhibitors reached 7,000, and the number of exhibitors and participating brands reached 150. With the support of the Ministry of Energy, Energy and Industry of Thailand and other government departments, the chairman of the Thai Energy Commission led ministers at all levels to visit the exhibition as special guests of each exhibition.


        At the exhibition, Tianneng displayed its full range of battery products, showing the various possibilities of "new energy empowering life" to the exhibitors. A large number of guests, media reporters, and audiences were attracted by the various battery technology applications exhibited by Tianneng and stopped to experience them one after another. It is worth mentioning that Tianneng TNEH series, deep-cycle motive batteries, whose advanced carbon and graphene technology achieve a higher cycle life, attracted the attention of many exhibitors.

        Tianneng's booth was crowded. Many suppliers and customers came to communicate with our staff and praised the products for their high quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. The main exhibits and technologies in this exhibition are unique in the industry, which aroused attention on the spot, and received many praises. On the podium, a spokesman for Tianneng Group introduced Tianneng's main business, its development process, its industry position in China, as well as its global industrial layout and development.




        Welcome suppliers and partners in the global industry to come to the ME23 Tianneng booth to learn more about us.

        Tianneng is an enterprise dedicated to the production of environmentally friendly electric vehicle power batteries, including lithium batteries for new energy vehicles, start-stop batteries for vehicles, wind energy, and solar batteries. In addition, Tianneng is a large-scale industrial company integrating R&D, production, and sales. The main products of Tianneng in this exhibition include high-performance power batteries and energy storage batteries:

1. Deep-cycle motive battery TNE series

2. Lead carbon energy storage battery TNC series

3. High-rate automobile battery TA series

4. Deep-cycle motive battery TMLiF series with LFP technology

5. Energy storage battery TRLiF series with LFP technology

6. Deep-cycle motive battery TMLiN series with NCM technology

        Tianneng booth, the exhibition is full of people, many suppliers and customers have come to communicate with our staff, praising the good quality, durability and cost-effective products. In this exhibition, the main exhibits and technology, unique in the industry, the scene aroused warm attention, rave reviews, and reaped a lot of praise.

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