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Tianneng Battery provides EFB start-stop battery and AGM start-stop battery for cars, trucks and tractors, with great performance, such as maintenance-free, maximum vibration resistance. Our start-stop car battery is not only a stater battery but also works as an on-board power supply battery due to braking energy recuperation design.

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TAS Series-EFB Start-Stop Battery
TAS Series-EFB Start-Stop Battery
The TAS Series keeps consistency with JIS standards with super cranking power which ensures a dependable start in cold weather. This series has excellent corrosion-resistance performance in high-temperature conditions and great vibration resistance. This kind of SLI battery has a longer life and lower internal resistance, which is highly suited for cars, trucks, and tractors.
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TAA Series-AGM Start-Stop Battery
TAA Series-AGM Start-Stop Battery
The TAA Series applies AGM technology to achieve maintenance-free and maximum vibration resistance, with flexible installation in position. This kind of SLI lead-acid battery is not only a stater battery, but also works as an on-board power supply battery due to braking energy recuperation design. The series constitutes the optimum solution for luxury and premium vehicles due to its extraordinary performance in cycle endurance, charge acceptance, and starting power.
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