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TRLiF(M) Series

Industrial Li-ion Module (LFP)

The TRLiF Series of the 48-volt lithium battery pack has an extended long life with excellent consistency ensured by a fully automated production line. Combining LFP technology with standard 19" cabinets, which is highly suited for telecommunication, this type of lithium-ion power pack can work with a high power current.

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48v Lifepo4 Battery
Lithium Ion Battery 48v
TRLiF(M) Series-48v Rack Battery
Super Cycle Life

3500 cycles@80%DOD

Cylindrical LFePO cell-327000 (3.2V 6Ah) with lithium iron phosphate technology, guarantee super long cycle life, up to 3500 cycles@80%DOD

Super Cycle Life
High Energy Density

↓50% Operation Room 

The specific energy of cells can reach 140Wh/kg. This series of 48-volt lithium battery pack can reach 100Wh/kg, which will save tremendous operation room and maintenance costs as well.

High Energy Density
Great Flexibility

Easy Installation & Integration

Built-in BMS management system contained in standard 19”cabinet with interface of RS485/RS232, which adapt to variety applications with series & parallel expansion support.

Great Flexibility

Product Parameters of 48v Lithium-Ion Battery

Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life
TRLiF(M)48V、51.2VC1012~3880%DOD 3500 (10 years)
38~10080%DOD 3500 (10 years)

TRLiF (m) Series
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