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TRLiF(P) Series

Industrial Li-ion Pack (LFP)

The TRLiF series are specially designed for the replacement of the most popular lead-acid accumulator cell models with LFP cells, which are widely used for UPS and energy storage systems, also suitable for Electric vehicles, E-bike, E-rickshaw e.g. cyclic applications.

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TRLiF(P) Series-12.8 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Pack
Super Cycle Life

2500 cycles@80%DOD

Cylindrical LFePO cell-327000 (3.2V 6Ah) with lithium iron phosphate technology guarantee the super long cycle life of this rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack series up to 2500 cycles@80%DOD.

Super Cycle Life
Great Portability

↓50% Weight 

The specific energy of cells can reach 140Wh/kg, the battery pack can reach 100Wh/kg, which will save reduce at least 50% of weight with same contaner size

Great Portability
Strong Adaptability

Adapt to -20~60℃ temperature

High safty and fully replaceable with current lead acid batteries, strong compatibility with broad range of operation temperature, the battery capacity could reach70% above @-20℃ 

Strong Adaptability

Product Parameters of 12.8 V/25V Lithium-Ion Battery

Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life
TRLiF(P)12.8V、25VC106~38100%DOD 2000(10 years)
38~200100%DOD 2000(10 years)

TRLiF (p) Series
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