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TNL Series

Long Life AGM Battery

The TNL Series is long life valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) AGM battery which combines TN power s industry scale and advanced equipment together to provide high reliability product and the most competitive price. This series of reverse power battery offers over 12 years of design life, it is highly suited to cyclic or standby applications.

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TNL Series-Long Life AGM Battery
TNL Series-Long Life AGM Battery
TNL Series-Long Life AGM Battery
Long Life Of Float Charge In High Temperature
  • ↑35% life of float charge in high temperature

  • Partially thickening plate technology

Partially thickening plate design, High-power active matter and pulse forming technology,

great battery power and service life

Long Life Of Float Charge In High Temperature
Strong Resistence To Overcharge
  • ↑50% resistence to water loss

  • High water retention and diaphragm technology

Recombination of hydrogen and oxygen is more complete; reducing the water loss of the lead-acid accumulator cell and ensuring a longer lifecycle

Strong Resistence To Overcharge
Long Life
  • ↑50% Corrosion Resistance of grid

  • Patent Rare-earth Alloy

Improve hydrogen evolution and the over-potential of oxygen evolution, resistence to corrision, good performance in high temperature, prolonging the service life. Extremely suitable for working for telecom battery systems.

Long Life

Product Parameters

Series name

Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity


Capacity Range


Service Life


TNL6V、12VC20<386~9 years
6V、12VC1038~25010~12 years
2VC10200~300012~16 years

Catalog TNL Series V1.3
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