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TNG Series

General Purpose GEL Battery

The TNG gel power battery integrates patent nano gel electrolyte with up-to-date AGM structure. This type of lead-acid cell offers over 12 years of design life with very high deep cycling capability. Thus, this gel deep cycle battery series is highly suitable for working as telecom power batteries, or batteries for renewable energy systems, and other harsh environment applications. 

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Gel Cell Battery
Gel Deep Cycle Battery
TNG Series Gel Power Battery
PSoC Longer Life Cycle
  • ↑20% cycle life

  • high-temperature curing technology

  • oxygen-enriched curing technology in high temperature

The advanced technology Tianneng Group employed has not only strengthened the stability of the combination of the grid and active material but also ensured the stability of the 12-volt deep cycle gel battery and improved the stability of cycling.

PSoC Longer Life Cycle
Stable Performance in Low Temperature
  • ↑10%low-temperature performance

  • nano-silicate electrolyte

  • Nano Silicon Gel Electrolytes

With the nano-silicate electrolyte, this 12v deep cycle gel battery series restrain stratification and vulcanization.  It also has good performance at low temperatures.

Stable Performance in Low Temperature
Good Performance in High Temperature
  • ↑50% Corrosion Resistance of grid

  • Patent Rare-earth Alloy

  • complex alloy to prolong life

This series of 12-volt solar battery also has good performance at high temperature and possess a longer service life.

Good Performance in High Temperature

Product Parameters of Gel Cell Battery

Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life
TNG12VC107.0~2508~12 years
2VC10200~300012~16 years

Catalog TNG Series V1.3
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