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TNEH Series

Deep Cycle Black Gold Battery

Time will tell you the quality of our TNEH graphite battery series. 

This TNEH series combines advanced carbon and graphene tech to reach a much higher cycle life. This type of motive power battery is highly durable to work with your electrical bicycle or tricycles.

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TNEH Series-General Deep Cycle battery
TNEH Series-General Deep Cycle battery
TNEH Series-General Deep Cycle battery
Longer Cycle Life
  • ↑20% Cycle Life

  • 500~600 times@100%DOD

  • Patent Rare-earth Alloy

Enhance the conductivity and corrosion resistance, enhance the combination capacity of active material and Conductor to extend the battery life

Longer Cycle Life
Large Capacity at Low Temperature
  • ↑5% Low temperature performance Negative graphene

  • Ternary spherical anode materials modified by graphene

Enhance the energy density of the graphene battery, enhance the stability of the cell in the low temperature environment, enhance the power

Large Capacity at Low Temperature
Stable Driving
  • ↑10% Discharge power

  • Positive Carbon Fiber

  • Positive Quantum carbon Fiber

Employing new positive additives technology, the internal material structure of this lead-acid storage battery series has great conductivity, and it also holds anti-positive softening function.

Stable Driving

Product Parameters

Series name

Nominal Voltage

Nominal Capacity

Capacity Range

Service Life(25℃)





100%DOD 500~600

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