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TN Series

TN General Purpose AGM Battery

The TN Series is a general-purpose valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) AGM battery that combines TN power's industry scale and advanced equipment together. It is a highly reliable reserve battery series at the most competitive price. This series offers 5~8 years of design life with very good cycling capability and it is highly suited to cyclic or standby applications. Thus, you can frequently find our TN series working as telecom power batteries

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TN Series-General Purpose AGM Battery
TN Series-12 Lead Acid Battery
TN Series-General Purpose AGM Battery
Full Range Of Models Wide Range Of Applications
  • Model Coverage Universal floating charge and circulation

  • Low self-discharge

  • 2.5Ah~3000Ah

This type of lead-acid cell covers the whole application field, the choices are more.

Full Range Of Models Wide Range Of Applications
Low Self-discharge
  • >98% 28d capacity retention

  • high purity electrolyte

  • Pb-Ca-Sn rare earth composite

The grid adopts multi-element compound rare Earth Alloy, complete oxygen compound,low self-discharge rate

Low Self-discharge
Powerful Power Rate

As a professional Chinese battery company, Tianneng Group sells reverse batteries with a wide range of specification choices. The production line of our TN series includes 12v 10ah lead-acid battery, 12V 12ah lead-acid battery, 12V 17ah lead-acid battery, 12V 24ah lead-acid battery, 12V 45ah lead-acid battery, 12V 50ah lead-acid battery, 12V 80ah lead-acid battery, 12V 100ah lead-acid battery, 12V 150ah battery, 12V 200ah lead-acid battery, etc. For more info, please feel free to contact us. 

Powerful Power Rate

Product Parameters of 12V Lead Acid Battery

Series name

Nominal Voltage

Nominal Capacity

Capacity Range

Service Life






3~5 years




6~9 years




10~12 years

Catalog TN Series V1.3
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