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TMLiF Series

E-tricycle Li-ion Pack (LFP)

The TMLiF Series have extended long life with cost-effective price, with high safty, strong compatibility with a broad range of operation temperature, it is highly suited to larger motive application,like electric tricycles.

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Super Cycle Life

↑200% Cycle Life

Cylindrical LFePO cell-327000 (3.2V 6Ah) with lithium iron phosphate technology, guarantee super long cycle life, up to 2000 cycles@100%DOD

Super Cycle Life
High Energy Density

↓50% Battery Volume

The specific energy of these lithium cell batteries can reach 140Wh/kg. The TMLiF rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack can reach 100Wh/kg and above, which boasts strong compatibility with a broad range of commercial motive application.

High Energy Density
Outstanding High-temp. Tolerance

High Security & Reliability

Highly stable materials combined with patented packing technology to ensure high stability under extreme high temperatures with cycle life of 1200+ times @100%DOD(40°C )

Outstanding High-temp. Tolerance

Product Parameters

Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life
TMLiF60.8V、73.6VC1022~100100%DOD 2000

TMLiF (p) Series
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