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TAS Series

EFB Start-Stop Battery

The TAS Series provides significant performance advantages over standard flooded batteries or SLI batteries with higher temperature tolerance, larger reserve power, and greater charge acceptance, which empower and secure the electrical system in automobiles. The series has premium cycling resilience and durability is suited for modern vehicles equipped with more entertainments and onboard loads. 

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TAS Series-EFB Start-Stop Battery
Start-stop Design

>6% Fuel Consumption Reduction

EFB start-stop technology with special pasting formula increase the dynamic charge acceptance in oeder to fullfill frequent starting application with at least 10% cycling life

Start-stop Design
Excellent Temp. Tolerance

Adapt to -30~70℃ temperature

Dense grid with middle lug integrated with Duralife seperator guarantee starting performance in harsh environment, especially increase thermal capability with high temperature application

Excellent Temp. Tolerance
Extended Cycle Life

↑200% Cycle Life

Comparing with ordinary batteries, the TAS lead-acid accumulator cell series has extended the cycle life at least two times by using rare-earth alloy with patent pasting and curing technology.

Extended Cycle Life

Product Parameters

Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life

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