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PZV Series

Traction Battery GeL Type

The PZV/PBV Series integrates patent nano gel electrolytes with national patent technology. These types of traction batteries boast a very high deep cycling capability. Comparing to other traction batteries, this series is highly suitable for outdoor traction applications due to its excellent performance in low temperatures.

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Long Cycle Life
Long Cycle Life
Low Self-discharge Rate
Low Self-discharge Rate


0% Acid Stratification

Excellent sealing structure with nano silica gel electrolyte realize excellent low temperature performance with excellence deep discharge resistence

Long Cycle Life

>600 cycles@80%DOD

Advanced European tubular plate design can effectively prevent the loss of active material during operation, which further provides sufficient capacity and prolongs the service life of our PZV/PBV lead storage cell series. 

Low Self-discharge Rate

<3% Self-discharge Rate

Patent Rare Earth Alloy with special pasting formula enable excellent capacity retension during standby situation and storage. Perfect traction battery for forklift.

Product Parameters

Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life
2VC5110~36080%DOD 600~800
2VC540~36080%DOD 600~800

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