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High Power Metal Plate Reactor

·Good electrical and thermal conductivity

·The cost can be reduced when mass production is carried out

·The volume of the high power stack is much smaller than that of the graphite stack and has more advantages.

·The mainstream of the metal bipolar car stack is thinner, which makes the stack smaller and has high power density, which will become the mainstream of the vehicle stack.

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Product Parameters of High Power Metal Plate Reactor

Performance ParametersRated power90kW120kW138kW
Rated current426A426A426A
Peak Power117kW137kW150kW
Voltage range175-318V197-378V213-388V
Working conditionsHydrogen inlet pressure20-15020-15020-150
Operating ambient temperature20-15020-15020-150
Allowed hydrogen-air maximum pressure difference/kpa505050
Physical Parameters

ApplicationsAdvantageHigh production line rate, small size and high power density, is the mainstream of automotive power stack
Application ScenariosLarge buses, heavy trucks, logistics vehicles

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