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Overseas Sales
Number of people : 3 Work Place : China-Huzhou
Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the overseas channel construction or end customer development of the company's lead battery, related lithium battery and other products. 

2. Conduct market research for the market you are responsible for, analyze the country profile, industry profile, customer situation, etc., and form market reports regularly. 

3. Customers follow up the whole process from early negotiation to receiving orders, issuing orders, production process follow-up, transportation, customs clearance, collection, after-sales complaint handling and so on. 4. Submit all kinds of sales statistics and reporting documents according to the requirements of the company. 

5. Complete other tasks assigned by the company.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, overseas sales experience, working experience in new energy company is preferred. 

2. Good communication and public relations skills, able to work under pressure. 

3. Love sales work, positive and optimistic personality, good at thinking, strong execution, strong desire for success. 

4. Fluent in English, able to listen, speak, read and write, overseas study and working background is preferred.

Channel Management
Number of people : 1 Work Place : China-Huzhou
Job Responsibilities

1. Construction of channel distribution system: responsible for the normative construction of channel distribution system in domestic and overseas markets, and guide overseas regions to carry out channel construction and expansion work. 

2. Channel expansion and management: develop all kinds of domestic and overseas channel merchants by means of resource integration, investment promotion, exhibition participation, etc., be responsible for maintaining the relationship between channel businessmen, ensure that channel businessmen sell quickly and achieve performance goals. 

3. Channel sales strategy support: assist channel merchants to carry out overseas promotion plans and formulate channel sales strategies, effectively organize channel merchants to review, analyze gaps and give suggestions for improvement. 

4. Organization of channel activities: organize online and offline Merchants' Chambers of Commerce, training meetings, etc., to improve channel expansion and sales ability. 5. Channel service support: lead the channel business layout, policy interpretation, assist to complete the channel settlement and payback process. 

6. Channel policy formulation: lead the relevant policies of domestic and overseas channel management, supervise the implementation of policies, and improve the relevant policy system of channel management combined with practice.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, at least 1 year experience in domestic and foreign market channel construction and management, experience in new energy industry is preferred. 

2. Have rich experience in sales management or channel management at home and abroad, and have experience in building foreign channels from 0-1. 

3. Have the ability to write and preach plans, and have rich experience in large-scale meetings such as investment promotion meetings and internal training meetings. 

4. Good customer relationship building and maintenance ability, resource integration ability, learning ability, contingency ability, communication and coordination ability, clear logical thinking. 

5. Have sex, have initiative service consciousness, have sense of responsibility, have professionalism.