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Quality Products Made in Zhejiang!

Number Of Visitors : Release Time : Sep 08,2022

          Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology announced the list of "Quality Products Made in Zhejiang" in 2021, and the "Nano-silica Composite Puncture-resistant High-strength AGM Separator" of Zhejiang Haoyang Company, a subsidiary of Tianneng, was on the list.

          As the "third electrode" of the battery, this product can effectively prevent the short circuit of the electrode plate, reduce the deformation of the electrode plate, maintain the pressure of the electrode group and reduce the resistance, and improve the cycle life of the battery. It is widely used in various traction battery packs, power tubular battery, car starter battery, electric bicycle battery and other fields.

          Focusing on the development of the new energy industry, Zhejiang Haoyang Company constantly improves the research and development system, optimizes the system and mechanism, strengthens the training of scientific research personnel, strives to promote the cultivation of high-value patents, and promotes the commercialization of scientific research results. Up to now, a total of 30 utility model patents have been authorized, and it has won the titles of "National High-tech Enterprise", "Zhejiang Innovative Leading Cultivation Enterprise", "Zhejiang Province 'Specialized, Special and New' Small and Medium-sized Enterprise", and "Management System Evaluation Certificate of the Integration of IT application with industrialization", "Zhejiang Province Digital Workshop Intelligent Factory" and other honors.

           "Quality Prodcuts Made in Zhejiang" has been selected since 2014, aiming to launch a batch of traction battery pack products with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands, high technical level, large added value, high industrial energy level and strong driving effect, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises and the overall level of the industry, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Zhejiang's industries and the cultivation and development of emerging industries.