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Tianneng's Super Running Graphene Battery" is Amazingly Launched

Number Of Visitors : Release Time : Sep 01,2022

Under the guidance of the national "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" strategy, Tianneng, which has been deeply involved in the field of green new energy for more than 30 years, continues to launch a series of new products to more efficiently meet the effective needs of the market. This time, Tianneng has forward-lookingly laid out a multi-technology route, and through independent innovation and exploration, it has launched a cutting-edge new product "Super Running Graphene Battery", leading the new trend of the industry. Tianneng's "Super Running Graphene Battery" has a 17-month warranty, which is more durable and long-running. Let's see what new breakthroughs have been made!

1. Super running graphene power battery develops from black technology to balanced technology

Through the anatomy of the scrapped batteries in the market, it is found that "unbalance" is the main culprit for frequent battery failures and scrapping. How to achieve "balance" for batteries has also become a worldwide industry problem.

After countless days and nights of painstaking research, the Tianneng scientific research team has finally overcome the technical difficulties of battery balancing, realized the biggest dream of the lead-acid battery industry, and created the industry's first battery with balanced technology! Balance Technology has been successfully developed. By balancing the reaction, potential, electrolyte, structure, and oxygen recombination of the battery, the power lithium battery is more stable and reliable, and the occurrence of failures is reduced, which can effectively ensure the battery life and improve the stability by more than 70% compared with ordinary batteries.

2. Double-enhanced super running graphene power battery is more durable and long-running

There is a saying that "You can not have your cake and eat it." Everyone knows this truth. When applied to our electric vehicle industry, it means that battery life and service life cannot be the best at the same time. As a leader in the power battery industry, Tianneng battery Co., LTD. has always maintained a high degree of focus on products for more than 30 years, and has made great efforts in product quality, service capabilities, scientific research and innovation.

Tianneng uses high-energy graphene composite modified materials to make the battery conduct heat quickly, conduct electricity well, and release the battery performance to the extreme, thereby significantly improving the cycle life of the battery, ensuring high rate of charge and discharge and low temperature performance. Besides, driving range is increased by 20%. At the same time, the world's leading intelligent quadruple forging technology is adopted to make the battery plates stronger and more resistant to corrosion, greatly improving the battery life, which is 60 days longer than that of ordinary batteries!

Focusing on the whole industry and new hidewhs of science and technology, Tianneng's cutting-edge technology masterpiece of power battery opens a new era of power battery in terms of durability and running resistance! It really solves the problems of insufficiency and short life of the battery, and improves the overall performance of the battery. It is a green battery that runs farther, has a longer life, and is more durable.

Tianneng adheres to the three-wheel drive of "industry + technology + capital", in the global energy structure transformation, the wave of rapid development of the new energy industry, driving the new development pattern with technological innovation, the comprehensive strength of "super sports graphene battery" ranks among the top in the industry!