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TMLiN Series

TMLiN series is specially designed for two-wheeled electric vehicles, with high specific energy, long cycle life, good safety, excellent high and low temperature performance, in line with most two-wheeled electric vehicles, excellent quality, strong reliability and excellent user reputation.

Product Feature

The quality of Tianneng battery is good, and its excellent performance is shown here.

High Energy Density
↓70% Battery Volume
Cylindrical 18650 cell ensure higher energy density and strong adaptability for motive application with specific energy of about 200Wh/kg, the battery pack can reach 130Wh/kg and above
Great Gradeability
↑50% Continuous Large Current
Excellent continuous high current capability(1C) enables the battery to adapt to outdoor travel application such as climbing and high speed
Long Cycle Life
↑30% Cycle Life
Fully automated production technology and production equipment lead to the excellent consistency of the cell and pack,increase the cycle life up to 800 times under 100% DOD
Low Self-discharge Rate
↓4% Self-discharge rate
Low self-discharge rate which is less than 4% per month @ room temperature.

Application Scenario

The application of this series of batteries in these products

All model parameters table

Types of motive deep cycle battery for sale,welcome global dealers to purchase our products。
Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life
TMLiN25.2、36V、48V、60V、72VC108~72100%DOD ≥800