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TMLiF Series

The TMLiF series are specially designed and developed for Tricycle、Golf、AGV/UGV、Clean Robot etc, the service life can reach 1500~3500 times, excellent quality, strong reliability,excellent user reputation.

Product Feature

The quality of Tianneng battery is good, and its excellent performance is shown here.

Super Cycle Life
↑200% Cycle Life
Cylindrical LiFePO4 cell-327000 (3.2V 6Ah) with lithium iron phosphate technology, guarantee super long cycle life, up to 2000 cycles@100%DOD.
High Energy Density
140Wh/kg energy density.
The specific energy of these lithium cell batteries can reach 140Wh/kg. The TMLiF rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack can reach 100Wh/kg and above, which boasts strong compatibility with a broad range of commercial motive application.
Outstanding High-temp. Range
High Security & Reliability
Highly stable materials combined with patented packing technology to ensure high stability under extreme high temperatures with cycle life of 1200+ times @100%DOD(40°C ).
High Security
100% product quality and safety.
In the process of charge and discharge, the structure of the battery will not change, it will not burn or explode, and it is still very safe even under special conditions such as short circuit, overcharge, extrusion, acupuncture and so on.

Application Scenario

The application of this series of batteries in these products

All model parameters table

Types of motive deep cycle battery for sale,welcome global dealers to purchase our products。
Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life
TMLiF25.6V、16V、48V、76.8VC1020~210100%DOD 2000+