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TLLiF Series

The TLLiF series battery are mainly used in lead-acid replacement scenarios. Compared with lead-acid batteries on the market, lithium batteries have advantages such as long cycle life, short charging time and small space occupation.

Product Feature

The quality of Tianneng battery is good, and its excellent performance is shown here.
High Reliability
Prismatic LiFePO4 cell , built-in BMS system,higher reliability
Multiple Cell
Batteries (Lead-acid, Ni-Cd) to meet the use of various types of batteries.
Multiple Applications
Optimum adaptation to variety applications with series & parallel expansion support.
Long Cycle Life
Long service life, 1500-4000 cycles, more stable performance.

Application Scenario

The application of this series of batteries in these products

All model parameters table

Types of motive deep cycle battery for sale,welcome global dealers to purchase our products。
Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life
TLLIF12.8VC206.0~2001500~4000 Times Cycles
25.6VC20100~2002000~4000 Times Cycles