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Tianneng International Global R&D Center was officially inaugurated

Number Of Visitors : Release Time : Jun 06,2023

  In order to enhance quick response to the global customers'individualized and systematic product needs,offering better services for those global high-value customers,Tianneng Global established a research and development center to provide product development and services for global customers on June 6.The R&D center will focus on the development of global household energy storage,industrial and commercial energy storage products and systems,and the products and solutions developed will also become one of the important forces supporting the OBH of overseas business units.

  At the unveiling ceremony,Tianneng Global invited Professor Feng Daliang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Chief Technology officer(co-founder)Chen Xiongchen of CTECHI to participate in the event,and in-depth discussion on the development of new energy products and project cooperation,and also unveiled the establishment of the research and development center.

  After the unveiling,Professor Feng and General Manager Chen respectively expressed warm congratulations on the formal establishment of the R&D center of the Tianneng Global,and looked forward to more extensive and in-depth cooperation in product development projects in the future.Finally,the President of Tianneng Global,Mr.Yang made functional positioning and future expectations for the newly established R&D center,and stressed that even though the R&D strength and hardware foundation of overseas business are relatively weak at this stage,he hoped that the R&D center would uphold the entrepreneurial spirit of overcoming difficulties and being fearless of hardships,keep close to the product needs of overseas customers,link up the supply chain strategic partners,and create products that make customers satisfied and confident.Deliver higher product value to our global customers.After the ceremony,all the participants took a group photo together to record this beautiful moment.