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Tianneng's Global Development Has Entered a New Stage

Number Of Visitors : Release Time : Aug 20,2022

The online press conference of the 5th 819 Battery Festival and New Energy Development Summit was successfully held on August 19. Tianneng interpreted the theme of "promoting green development, promoting the harmonious development of man and nature, and building a global energy community with a shared future". This event was broadcast globally simultaneously through media platforms such as Xinhua News Agency Live Cloud, Phoenix News, Headline, Tiktok, Video, Flush, and Global Electric Vehicles. A total of 21.58 million viewers watched the live broadcast and received rave reviews, which has laid the industry foundation for the vigorous development of new energy.


In the live event, Yang Jun, President of Tianneng Overseas Business Department, delivered a keynote speech on "Win-Win Cooperation and Going Overseas", focusing on "Globalization is the long-term strategy of Tianneng Group, and Tianneng has always been committed to building a global strategic ecosystem alliance", and answered the far-reaching question of "How should Tianneng's globalization be deployed in the future?".


Mr. Yang delivered a speech on stage


Mr. Yang talked about the development concept of going overseas with our ecological partners

The overseas business department is an important force for the group's overseas development and an important strategy for Tianneng's overseas layout. Mr. Yang said at the summit: Globalization is the long-term strategy of Tianneng Group, the VUCA era has come, and opportunities and risks have always coexisted. The world economic development pattern is evolving from overall opening to regional opening. With the rapid development of the new economy centered on the Internet economy and Industry 4.0, the development of the new energy industry is full of opportunities. The global economic recession caused by the epidemic is still ongoing, and the crisis is everywhere. Every global enterprise must be soberly aware and actively respond.

Mr. Yang put forward four future plans from the perspective of geopolitics, economic development, social development and technological development: focus on compliance and risk control; focus on the operation mode of cooperation and win-win; unswervingly follow the path of local operation; proactively look for changes in the industry landscape. He mentioned that Tianneng's globalization strategy is the strategy of market globalization, R&D globalization, talent globalization, capital globalization, brand globalization and manufacturing globalization. Therefore, Tianneng's development path will follow the long-term development path of sales-led, capital-assisted, technology-driven, and finally industrialized.


 Zhao Weiliang, Chairman of Total Energy Group China

At the meeting, Tianneng's overseas strategic partner, Total Energy Group China, Chairman Zhao Weiliang delivered a speech on the issue of "energy", taking the Glasgow Climate Convention and China's "3060 carbon peak and carbon neutrality" goal as the background, indicating that Total Energy is committed to working together with all sectors of society to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 in both production processes and energy products used by customers.

Zhao Weiliang emphasized that Tianneng is an important partner of Total in China. In November 2019, under the witness of President Xi Jinping and President Macron, Saft, a subsidiary of the Total Group, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tianneng to form a joint venture to join forces to sail the blue ocean of new energy.

At present, in order to shape the future of green development amid changes, China is actively promoting the transformation of its energy structure from coal to natural gas and renewable energy. With the gradual implementation of the "dual carbon" policy, in terms of renewable energy, China has become the largest market and producer of solar energy, wind power, hydropower, electric vehicles and batteries. China's "3060" carbon reduction plan and Tianneng's corporate mission of "developing green energy and creating a better life" coincide with Total Energy's transformation strategy, laying the foundation for mutual success.


Dr. Amorn Meemano, Advisor to the Assistant Minister of Interior of Thailand

Dr. Amorn Meemano, advisor to the Assistant Minister of Interior of Thailand, said at the meeting that carbon neutrality is a global consensus and new energy is a global development trend. He is looking forward to continuing to strengthen cooperation with Tianneng, to create better products and services, and to jointly make greater contributions to promoting the low-carbon and green transformation of local energy.


"819 Battery Festival" is not only a festival for all Tianneng staff, this grand event started in Tianneng, provides more thinking space for the development of the new energy industry, and is becoming the industry's latest cutting-edge technology and the vane of future industrial development, and an important communication window for green and low-carbon concepts. It is believed that this year's 819 Battery Festival will fully demonstrate the strategic thinking on the development of China's new energy industry, and promote the transformation of enterprise solutions and enterprise wisdom into industry consensus.

Win-win cooperation and go overseas together! In the future, Tianneng will be based on the new energy industry, give full play to Tianneng's capital, industrial and technological advantages, and actively seek the value combination of strategic target industries!