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Intelligent storage is the development direction of the future both in the manufacturing and logistics industry, the lifting transport equipment, like riders or stackers, has also become more and more indispensable in three-dimensional warehouses. This type of equipment improves the storage rate of the warehouse, and at the same time improve the work efficiency and storage automation, so the stability of the electric drive system is the top priority. Tianneng traction battery for sale is converted to this kind of bulk cargo transportation design, with super high current discharge capacity, excellent deep cycle tolerance, and excellent high-temperature operation ability, which effectively guarantees that your cargo can safely reach an even higher storage level.

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PZV/PBV Series-Traction Battery GeL Type
PZV/PBV Series-Traction Battery GeL Type
The PZV/PBV Series integrates patent nano gel electrolytes with national patent technology. The range boasts a very high deep cycling capability. This kind of traction battery for sale is highly suitable for outdoor traction applications.
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PZB/PZS Series-Traction Battery BS/DIN Series
PZB/PZS Series-Traction Battery BS/DIN Series
The PZB/PZS Series forklift battery is consistent with the requirements of BS/DIN standards. The cycle life of this kind of traction battery could reach 1500 cycles @80%DOD. The series boasts a high level of power and reliability for industrial traction application.
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