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Tianneng Battery provides both Starting, Lighting and Ignition (SLI) Lead-Acid batteries and Start-stop batteries (EFB and AGM technology) that comply with various international standards, including DIN, JIS, SCI, EN, GB, etc. We have passed IATF 16949 certificates and working with major automobile manufacturers and auto parts retailers. With high-end manufacturing and patent technology, our car battery cells are highly suited for all kinds of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and special vehicles. You can find perfect automotive batteries on sale here. Either it is for your cars, SUVs, taxis, trucks, buses, or other fuel vehicles, Tianneng Group's automotive car battery can always provide excellent CCA performance, large reserve capacity, and extended service life.

Choose The Right Battery Of Automobile

PerormanceTechnical FeaturesLead Acid Battery







Starting CapabilityInstant Discharge Current

Low-temp. PerformanceCCA performance

Load power consumptionReserve capacity

MaintenanceWater Loss Rate

Service LifeCycle Life

High-temp ToleranceHigh Temperature Performance

Start-stop Design-

How Do Car Batteries Work?

The automotive car battery is the largest electrical device in a car. A lot of people think it's the main power source for automobiles, but it's not. The main function of an automotive battery is to supply power to the starter, ignition system, and other main electrical equipment when the car engine is started. When the engine is not running or running at low speed, the car battery will then supply power to other electrical equipment on the car, such as the car headlights, dashboard, car air conditioning, wiper, car lights, etc; and when the power consumption of the electric equipment on a car exceeds the power supply capacity of the generator, the automotive car battery will then assist the generator to supply power to various electrical equipment; In addition, the mobile car battery also plays a role in stabilizing the voltage of the whole power supply system. It is equivalent to a large capacitor, which can absorb the instantaneous overvoltage in the circuit so as to further protect other electrical equipment.

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