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TNX Series

TNX High Rate AGM Battery

The TNX Series are specially designed for various data centers as high rate UPS batteries. The series of reserve power battery can be applied in all kinds of UPS systems, high-rate current and emergency power systems and so on. The discharge output of our TNX series is significantly higher than the normal module, which effectively reduces the number of batteries needed, cut down cover area and the cost of the initial investment.

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TNX Series-High Rate AGM Battery
TNX Series-High Rate AGM Battery
TNX Series-High Rate AGM Battery
Powerful Power Rate
  • ↑20% W/15minr

  • Ultra high power process

  • Four-stage curing process

The active material meshing is reliable, the electric cell low internal resistance, extends the Battery Service Life

Powerful Power Rate
Save Investment Cost
  • >42Wh/kg energy density

  • Special lead paste formula

  • Positive/negative pulse technique

Enhance the use cycle of active materials, improve the energy-gathering characteristics of the TNX high-quality lead-acid batteries,  enhance the battery capacity greatly

Save Investment Cost
More Stable At High Power
  • ↑40% Power output area

  • high density electrode group technology

  • Sheet Metal Manufacturing Technology

Low internal IMPEDANCE, high power, high current discharge performance. Suitable for working as telecommunication battery.

More Stable At High Power

Product Parameters

Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life
TNX12VC10≤2506~9 years

Catalog TNX Series V1.3
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