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TNEP Series

Deep Cycle Premium Battery

Enjoy a much longer mileage.

Designed by Tianneng Power, one of the professional motive power battery manufacturers in China, our TNEP series is highly durable to deep cycle application with longer distance. Take time to go further with your electric vehicles, like bicycles, tricyle, wheelchair, delivery scooters

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TNEP Series-Deep Cycle Premium Battery
TNEP Series-Deep Cycle Premium Battery
TNEP Series-Deep Cycle Premium Battery
Longer Range
  • ↑10% enhance  capacity

  • specific active formula

  • Enhanced active substance

Composite Dense active material, increase discharge rate, more adequate power supply, electric vehicles power lasts longer, easier to speed up

Longer Range
Powerful Power
  • ↑15% discharge rate

  • Postive carbon fiber

  • Positive Quantum carbon Fiber

New conductive material, improve conductivity, more superior charge and discharge capacity,great power performance, strong battery power

Powerful Power
Durable Product
  • Durable Product

  • ↑50% Corrosion Resistance of grid

  • Patent Rare Earth Alloy

The Honeycomb Rare Earth Alloy grid can reduce the internal resistance of the lead accumulator cell, improve the utilization ratio of the active materials, improve the energy-gathering characteristic of the battery, and increase the capacity of the battery greatly

Durable Product

Product Parameters

Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life(25℃)
TNEP6V、8V、12VC2016~240100%DOD 400~600

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