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TNC Series

Lead Carbon (Pb-C) Battery

The TNC series of wind energy batteries adopt the newest lead-carbon technology which adds carbon material into the negative electrode to slow down the sulfation. The TNC series battery provides not only high energy density but also high power, rapid charge, and discharge, longer cycle life. This kind of energy power battery is very suitable for renewable energy storage or where commercial power is unstable.

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Carbon Battery
Carbon Enhanced Lead Acid Battery
TNC Series-Carbon Lead Acid Battery
PSoC Longer Life Cycle
PSoC Longer Life Cycle
High Capacity
High Capacity
Longer Cycle Life
Longer Cycle Life

Product Parameters of Carbon Enhanced Lead Acid Battery

Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life
TNC12VC1050~20060%DOD 3600
2VC10100~250060%DOD 4500

Catalog TNC Series V4.0
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