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TA Series

JIS/DIN/BCI Auto Battery

The TA Series is consistent with JIS, SCI, DIN and EN standards with super cranking power which ensures a dependable start in cold weather. With excellent corrosion-resistance performance in high-temperature conditions and great vibration resistance, this series of SLI lead-acid battery has a long service life and low internal resistance. You can find the existence of the TA series in cars, trucks, tractors, and starters for various other vehicles.

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TA Series-JIS/DIN/BCI Auto Battery
TA Series-JIS/DIN/BCI Auto Battery
TA Series-JIS/DIN/BCI Auto Battery
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↑30% CCA/-18℃

Low temperature discharging design consists of a double-sided pasting plate and multi-piece structure, which is made by continuous casting and rolling grid. The larger starting power of the TA lead-acid accumulator cell is ensured. 

Quick Start
Low Maintenance

<1g/Ah Water Loss@50℃

Patent high-tin alloy grid combined with arc backflow structure and a labyrinth retaining wall backflow structure design, which effectively prevents electrolyte leakage and loss

Low Maintenance

Product Parameters

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Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life

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