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PZB Series

Traction Battery BS Series

The PZB/PZS Series forklift battery can perfectly meet the requirements of BS/DIN standards. With the cycle life of 1500 cycles @80%DOD, this type of traction batteries for sale at Tianneng Group holds a high level of power and great reliability for industrial traction applications.

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Super Cycle Life

1500 cycles @80%DOD.

Advanced European tubular plate with special pasting fomula optimize reaction efficiency, provide sufficient capacity and prolong cycle life.

Excellent Traction Ability

The patented rare earth forklift grid of our lead-acid accumulator cell has strong electrical conductivity, enhances corrosion resistance by 50%, and ensures heavy-duty traction operation

Low Maintenance

Patented terminal sealing structure completely prevents plate growth and liquid leakage, less maintenance with automatic filling cap 

Product Parameters

Series nameNominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Capacity Range
Service Life
PZB2VC550~100080%DOD 1500
PZS2VC5120~155080%DOD 1500

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